Sourcing Meat

So you’re looking for some humanely raised meat that is tasty and full of heart healthy omega 3’s…look no further.  All the following producers are located in the west, west central portion of Minnesota and do either pasture fed or rotationally grazed meats.  If you are interested in purchasing quarters or individual cuts from any of the producers below give them a call and inquire.  If you somehow are unable to reach them or have questions about ordering a quarter, half or full animal don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to help.  Let’s help keep these folks in business!!!  Ready, set, order…it’s really easy.



Moonstone: Grass-Fed, Rotationally Grazed Quarters, Halves or Full Animals.  Farm Store on-site where individual cuts are available (i.e. steaks, roasts, etc).  Kalliroe pork is sold here by individual cuts as well broiler chickens, Minnesota cheeses, Mille Fiore Honey and a vast array of other locally made artisianal goods.  Bed and Bagel guesthouse available for artist retreats, city getaways or calming peace of mind.  Owner/Farmers are Audrey Arner and Richard Handeen.  If you want to sample their beef, go to the Bryant Lake Bowl and order the Moonstone Burger.

Meat Available: Moonstone Farm Store (on-site at farm) Montevideo, MN.  Bill’s Supermarket, Montevideo, MN.

Red Tail Valley Beef:  Grass-fed beef raised in the Minnesota River Valley.  Mixture of angus and scottish highlander breeds.  Owner Terry VanderPol markets her meat along with her brother, Jim VanderPol, through his pastured pork business Pasture’s a Plenty.  Availability to purchase hard to find cuts such as brisket and oxtails.

Meat Available: Pasture’s a Plenty delivery service at



The Lamb Shoppe: Grass-Fed Lamb.  You can buy individual cuts or whole animals.  On-site farm store where there is a organic grocery store with a HUGE supply of organic herbs, remedies, tinctures, etc.  Organic grains, fermented food items, organic packaged grocery items, books, supplements and a host of other goodies are all available for purchase.  Lamb Shoppe lamb available for purchase here along with local chickens, pork and beef.  One of the owner/farmers is an herbalist who has cured many of my ailments.  Easily accessable a few miles west of Hutchinson on Highway 7.  If you’d like to sample their meat go to Spoonriver restaurant and ask for the lamb.  Owner/Farmers are Connie Karstens and Doug Rathke.

Purchase: Lamb Shoppe (on-site farm store), The Wedge Co-op and Seward Co-op.



Kalliroe: Pastured, Organically-Fed Hogs.  Raised just west of Montevideo, Kalliroe hogs are raised on windfall apples from the families organic apple orchard.  Ability to purchase half or full hogs directly through Kalliroe or purchase individual cuts through Moonstone Farm store.  Their Italian Sweet and Spicy sausage is delicous!  Owners/Farmers are Paul Wymar and Amy Bacigalupo.

Meat Available: Moonstone Farm Store (on-site at farm) Montevideo, MN or contact Kalliroe directly at

Pastures a’ Plenty:  Pastured hogs raised just outside Clara City near Kerkhoven.  On-site farm store where you can purchase individual cuts directly.  Have a great variety of nitrate free products including sausage and bacon that uses celery juice instead of nitrates.  Owners Jim and LeeAnn VanderPol and Josh and Cindy VanderPol.

Meat Available:  Their delivery service comes every other month to the Twin Cities to drop off items at various sites.  Sold in a wide array of co-ops throughout Minneapolis and outlying areas.  Many local restaurants in the Twin Cities also use their products.



Kalliroe: Features pastured birds of the Poulet Rouge variety.  These are some delicious bird folks!  They are rich and flavorful and heavy on the dark meat.  See Kalliroe above for contact information.

Again, these are my suppliers of meat.  All the owner/farmers I know personally and trust to the utmost extent of their sincerity to raise humane and happy meat.  None of these animals receive antibiotics and I’ve never had a bad piece of meat from any of these farms.  So there you have it.  Get in contact with these people and start or continue to support their important work!


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