A former farmer and prairie dweller, I now work in the city at a 9-5 job…actually 6am-2pm to be exact.

My blog nettlefetter stemmed as a result of requests from friends and family inquiring about dishes I had made, as well as allowing me to combine my passion for food with photography.

An omnivore as a child  I have wore the hat of vegetarian and vegan during my teens and very early twenties and have happily and healthily returned to an omnivore diet.

Animal protein has become a main stay in my diet due to my aversion to gluten, dairy, soy and nightshades.   However, I do not refrain from using those ingredients in certain dishes nor do I like to label my food as primarily gluten, dairy or allergen “x” free.  (Note: I DO attach tags on my posts for those who do have allergies and are looking for recipes that avoid those foods.)

To eat and enjoy eating is my motto.  And if it is with friends, all the merrier!

So please, if you may, join me as I galavant through my obsessions with meat, using foraged food items and dabbling in all other strange culinary behavior.

In  the words of Julia Child “bon appetit!”



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