2 gallon spiced crabapple affair

Have you ever been in one of those relationships where you feel everyday moment with that special someone is a roller coaster of ups, downs, veer to the right, veer the left, spin, spin, spin and then a sudden jolt, an abrupt stop…whoops, now we’re going again!  Well, that’s how I felt today when I embarked on my mission to can 2 gallons of spiced crabapples.

Here’s how it went down.

The arrival of a box the previous afternoon…behold, a bounty of luscious red rubies!

Alas, rubies will spoil.

Internet, recipe, crap cannerless.

Several texts later canner obtained.  Now a pot large enough to boil both the crabs and syrup is needed.

Call mother hen, and brilliant…use the canner!

Back on track, now add sugar, water and cider vinegar…

a spice satchel…now we’re cooking!

Eek! Need more jars.

Quick run to hardware store.  Jars, check!

Ugh, recipe says must prick all the little monsters!

This got old…

Raincheck please, how about only half.  As long as they taste good who cares if a few burst?

Okay, so half of them burst, but they tasted great!!!

Now we can, and 3.5 hours later…

13 quarts of spiced crabapples.


Here is the link to the recipe I followed.  Only difference is I added more spices to the spice satchel: bay leaf, star anise, coriander and black peppercorns.



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