cantaloupe…in a pickle

Please keep reading, I promise you this stuff is flipping ridiculous!!! If not with words, hopefully my camera and the holy god of photoshop will seduce you!

So… you’ve probably had some slimy gooey grossness that great Antie Edna slopped on your plate at one of the many family reunions you attended as a young squirt.  The reunion when Mom nudged you and quietly mumbled, “Eat it, make Antie Em’s day” as you swallowed down some horrible slimy orange mush.  But believe me, this is briny goodness at its best!  Antie Em was not in the kitchen!

Before I get too far, first I must introduce you to my friend, Crenshaw.

If you didn’t notice…it’s a melon.  Not just any melon however, perhaps the most tastiest melon you’ve ever sunk your teeth into!  Honestly folks, this is the mango of melons in the flavor department.  Just enough juice, an aromatic taste explosion that evokes palm trees and tropical breezes, no overtly slimy texture.  Heaven, if I do say so myself!

As stated, we start with the Crenshaw melon.

Then we add pickling spices of peppercorns, cloves, bay, cinnamon and allspice.

Next comes the cider vinegar, a bucket load of sugar

and presto…

3 hours later pickled Crenshaw!

Here is the recipe I used.  Thank you Miss Abigail!

And, if you can’t hack making the recipe, find me and I’ll give you a sample to persuade you to invest in the 3 hours laboring.  It is spectacular!


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