pickled grapes…oh and lamb tongue

Today I had the absolute fortune to dine with my dear friend M who is slightly less allergenic to foods than I.  We dined in and the menu started with a green bean, fennel and baby greens salad dressed with a basil, shallot, orange balsamic vinaigrette.  After a delightful little roughage we progressed to the main event: lamb tongues in a sweet and sour sauce….courtesy of Deborah Krasner and the Good Meat cookbook.

Krasner’s recipe originally used beef tongue, and the sauce had onions, raisins and tomato paste.  I subbed the beef tongue for lamb and used fennel, currant and blackberry jam.  It was mighty delicious.  Below are the photos.  If anyone asks, I’ll post the tongue recipe.

Here is the slightly less-offensive pickled grape recipe.

As always…enjoy!


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