zucchini pickles

Ladies and gents…I bring you the coveted zucchini pickle recipe.

Go here.

For those of you who have no idea what I am speaking of, these pickles are the most delicious brined morsels in the world.   I found them 6 years ago online and they have become a religiously made summer preserve every year since.  Anyone I have given these bad boys to has had their socks knocked by them.  Something about their silky and luxurious quality on the tongue with just the right amount of sweet and salty goodness always has people wanting more.  I really can’t figure out why I haven’t yet seen them on any Twin Cities restaurant menus.

Any-who, do try these!!! They are refrigerator pickles so there extremely easy.  No canning required.  Time, energy, all worth it.

My advice: make them, now!

As for the pics, my dear friend K and I did lots of pickling and canning today and here are the products of our 5 hours of labor.

Cheerio and make those zucchini pickles!!!!

2 responses to “zucchini pickles

  1. just ate some of these bad boys on a pulled pork sandwich today. Delish as always and beautiful pics! xxoo

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