sandhill crane…oh my

Don’t get angry, don’t get upset.  Yes, they are gorgeous creatures.  Yes, thousands (of people) flock to Nebraska every year to see their migration.  And yes, unfortunatlely, these pretty birds are legal to shoot in every state– except for Nebraska.  Click here to get the skinny on regulations.

Now to further defend myself, because in all honesty I would be livid with me as well, I did not hunt or shoot this crane.  This specific leggy flyer was given to me by some friends who themselves were gifted the meat and baffled by how to prepare such an unconventional, and might  I add controversial, piece of meat.  So instead of allowing the ziplock package that was once life attain a nice freezer burn in a cold barren basement, I said yes and popped it in my own freezer.

Fast forward a few months (okay really 6) and here is the story:

The meat I received was the breast meat.  And either I had a very well endowed bird with three breasts, or there was more than one bird’s breast in my freezer bag.  Either way, I’ve spent three nights preparing sandhill crane, and must admit the last night, Wednesday, was the hands down the winner.

Wednesday Night:

Salt & peppered, wrapped in proscuitto.  Pan seared on both sides.  Threw chicken stock in the pan and put all the contents into the oven with a lid.  375 for 40 minutes.  Delicousness and holy tenderness.  They don’t call it ribeye of the sky for nothin’.

Tuesday Night:

Saltimbocca Style

Monday Night:

Sauteed with proscuitto, leek and garlic.  Then deglazed with wine and orange.


Alright.  Forgive me.  Perhaps this is my tribute.  Thank you sand hill crane…unfortunatley, you are tasty.

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