the three f’s: food, foraging & friends

I am so incredibly grateful for the wonderful people who surround me.  Their creativity and energy inspire me and even though it sounds corny…make me feel loved.

This afternoon I went on a forage.  My girlfriend called me on a whim and offered up the activity and around noon I was picked up to romp in the the world of virginia waterleaves, ramps, daylillies, nettles and solomon’s seal.  Our forage group comprised of four: two bad ass Butcher & the Boar chefs, a sweet and incredibly smart marketing guru, and me…the vacationing farmer/co-op stocker.

The ramps were prevelant and we made quite a nice haul of the oh-so-fragrant wild onions.  Nettles, were few and far between but we managed to scrap together a small bag of the little delicacies.  Waterleaf was perhaps a little bit out of control and the solomon’s seal was alarmingly just starting to pop up.

Warmth and sunshine filled the air and a lovely south eastern breeze swayed the budding branches above us.  As we scoured an area around one of the Minneapolis chain of lakes, I couldn’t think of any better way to spend the day.  Oh it was a glorious afternoon.

To top everything off, upon completion of the forage we splurged and scooted on over to Clancey’s Meat and Fish in Linden Hills for some duck proscuitto.  Salty, fatty, flavorful slices of exquisitely cut poultry for a mere $2 really made the world seem complete.  It was the perfect day.

Thanks to the cronies who made the day oh so wonderful.  We will forage again.  Next up…fiddleheads!

Note: Photo image a macro of the beautiful ramp.

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