tounge…surely you can’t be serious?!!

I am serious…and next time, don’t call me Shirley.

Oh Airplane…Not sure if Leslie Nielson ever enjoyed a piece of meat quite like this one 35,000 feet in the air, but I sure do delight in it.

The key here is brining my friends.  Just like butter & bacon, brining makes things better!  More tender, more flavor…it’s almost like cheating.

If you’ve never tried brining anything I highly recommend it.  Brine pork chops, a chicken…maybe perhaps a tongue.  Check out Jenifer McLagan’s books Bones & Odd Bits for some stellar brine recipes.

For a start, the brine ratio I usually use is from Cooks Illustrated, but it mysteriously disappeared from the web page.  No fears though, I found a site that has the chart.  Click here and scroll to the brine solution table.

My suggestion to begin would be to brine a whole chicken with the basic brine recipe from the chart.  Usually 8 hours is a sufficient amount of time to keep a bird brining.  Other meats and cuts take a considerable amount longer, but chicken is fairly quick.  Just stick the bird in cold brine for my suggested time, then take it out and roast in the oven as you would normally do.

I’ll post more on brining in the future.  As for my tongue, ahem…beef tongue, it will be grilled this weekend.  Get excited!!!

Note: The image below is the brined tongue pre-poaching.  And thanks to Moonstone for supplying me with this little 2lb delicacy!

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