salt cod…the stank only a mother could love

You remember the old saying…that delicate way of describing how dreadfully ugly someone or something is, but in a Minnesota-nice sorta way.  Well, change the appearance to stinkiness and my salt cod is definitely the reigning king.

Don’t be appalled though, if you follow the proper procedure, as in The Zuni Cafe Cookbook, that stinkiness turns into a sweet smelling menagerie of savory pleasantness once cooked.  (If you are completely lost as to what this salt cod I speak of is, click here).

So after 5 days of curing, one day of soaking and essentially 3 weeks waiting to end my bought with a cold meaner than my cod’s stench–finally success!  Below is my deliciousness with a Virginia Waterleaf salsa verde.  The salsa verde, which is an interpretation from a recipe that uses parsley, I will post below.

As always…enjoy.

Virginia Waterleaf Salsa Verde:

Note: Salsa verde is an herby sauce comprised of herbs and accompaniments binded by extra virgin olive oil.  Do NOT think of it as a Mexican tomatillo sauce you’d put on an enchilada.  Think Italian and French ingredients.

handful of virginia waterleaf finely chopped

zest of 1 lemon

1 teaspoon of brined capers, soaked, dried and chopped

1 shallot finely diced

3-5 tablespooons extra virgin olive oil (depends upon how chucnky or runny you’d like the salsa).

Salt and pepper

Combine all the above ingredients and slather on your cod.

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