Ode to TT

I’m not good at saying goodbyes.  Anyone who knows me can tell you I take an hour to leave a gathering.  I have this problem with trying to make sure everyone gets a departure acknowledgment from me, sometimes even twice.  I know…I have issues.   And unfortunately, when it comes to saying goodbye for good, i.e. death, it’s even worse…

Last week, a dear friend who is responsible for an enormous amount of my foraging knowledge passed on.  Fortunately, I was able to see him the week prior, but I wasn’t prepared that, that goodbye would be my last.  Processing this departure has been in short, quite difficult.

In my avoidance of goodbyes, I foraged instead.  Ramps, nettles, daylillies, virginia waterleaf…all their little leaves and buds popping through the earth.   Despite raw wind and frozen feet and fingers it was so very nice to say hello.

So my fridge is filled with nettles and water leaf.  The ramps and daylillies, both of which my friend showed me to identify, I left, in hopes to revisit them again.

Here is where I say thank you TT.  Thank you for mushrooms, wine, laughter and life.  Your knowledge ran deep but your heart ran deeper.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And I won’t say goodbye…because now every forage, I know you will be there.  Again, thanks TT.


For those of you who are in need of something comforting, I provide the recipe for nettle tea.


Stinging Nettle Tea:

1/2 jar stinging nettles (foraged in area free of pesticides and pollution)

full jar of boiling water

spoonful of local honey

1.) Put the nettles in a jar (Make sure to use gloves or something to prevent the stingers from making you itchy!)

2.) Boil the water and pour over the nettles

3.) Let steep for at least 1/2 an hour

4.) Strain the tea and reheat, then add dollop of honey

5.) Drink and feel the nettley nourishment

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