inept tastebuds…oh bother

Well, it’s official, even my taste buds have called in sick.  Oh the horrors of not being able to taste food!  So filled with desperation,  I even went so far as to giving myself a chicken soup facial: standing over my stewing pot of chicken goodness, inhaling deep and–nothing.  As my wonderful friend Robin always says, “drat.”

Unfortunately this means, no salt cod for a while equating to a much longer curing time.  Judy Rodgers, the author of The Zuni Cafe Cookbook, where I’m following the recipe from, says the cod can be cured from 24 hours up to 7 days.  Today is day 5 in the curing process and I darn well better be able to taste by day 7!    So, as instructed by Rodgers with the longer curing process in toe,  today I rinsed off the salting rack and pan that catches the salt drips and rubbed a little more salt all over the cod.  Rodgers then says to flip the cod over, and recover it with plastic and towel and to put it back in the refrigerator to cure for the remaining 2 days.  After that the cod requires a 24 hour soak in water.

Above is a picture of the cod after I realsalted and flipped it.  Cross your fingers that my taste buds come back from their hiatus.  I’m going to beat this…for the love of cod!

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