Short Ribs: Part II

Well, I said they would be delicious and my goodness they were!

So to continue with this saga, upon removal from the oven I transferred the riibs from their stewiness to my 2 3/4 le cresnt pot to rest for a few days.  (Lid off of course to cool and then put in the fridge).   The sauce and aromatics I let cool a bit in the main pot and then strained the contents through a sieve.  Prunes, carrots, bay, juniper, etc., all were discarded and what remained was an unctuous sauce.  This portion of the dish was then placed in a measuring cup and put in the fridge so I could de-fat the sauce before I reheated the dish.

Note:  It is always best I have found to make braises and stewy dishes several days in advance.  Not only do they taste better but then your cooking for the evening you decide to eat the meal is EXTREMELY simple.  Just reheat on the stove and done!

And now…pretty much devoured.  I reheated the ribs on the stove top at a low simmer along with the sauce which  I skimmed the fat from and then reduced by half prior to putting it back in with the ribs.  A onion sauteed with escarole, salt and some citrus juice was harmoniously added as a side dish.  Oh it was so lovely.  And then, a few sips of wine and off to the Gopher vs. Wisconsin hockey game with a special someone for a long anticipated Christmas gift.  My night was complete, especially after the Gophers won…the WCHA title that is!!!

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